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Jan 10, 2024

 “The Randall Carlson” socials, VoD titles, tours, events, podcasts, merch shop, donate:  The Bros recount the findings of a recent paper regarding tree-ring studies from France which reveal spikes of Cosmogenic markers in a single year that correlate with Greenland ice-core records. The award-winning work of Gerard Bond is totally ignored though data recognizing the role of the Sun in Earth’s climate has been robustly supported since the deployment of solar observatories began three decades ago. Miyake Events and other explosive solar events are revealing the volatile Nature of the Sun. The coronal magnetic field, mass ejections, and impacting comets are new pools of data that are being studied – transforming our understanding and shedding Light on the role of the Sun in this dynamic and interconnected planetary system. Kosmographia Ep102 of The Randall Carlson Podcast, with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 10/20/23

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