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Jan 25, 2021  RC goes through a series of papers, starting in 1960, outlining the progression of thinking about the cause of massive and numerous blockfields and sediment fans throughout the southern Appalachian Mountains, from the gradualist perspective of “periglacial” effects to a more catastrophic view of extraordinary, intense, and prolonged rainstorm events. From the James River in Virginia to North Carolina’s Grandfather Mountain and Flat Laurel Gap, the deposits throughout the region reveal evidence created by rare pluvial outbursts, leaving the geologists struggling to conceive their severity and conditions of discharge. Uniformity has value as a baseline, but problems arise when trying to make all changes fit that model, so with the recognition that none of these features are being built today – only being eroded by modern processes, the gradualist bubble is showing some breaches in its edifice. More from this region coming, including boulder-choked creeks and giant potholes…

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