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Nov 7, 2019

Randall reveals evidence from the mid-1970’s that concludes a granitic "micro-continent" exists under the Mid-Atlantic that has been exposed above sea level within the past ~20,000 years. He also explains he’s not trying to "prove the existence" of Atlantis, he's just showing that there is geologic evidence to support what Plato reported.

Also discussed are numbers related to the Moon, Vedic cosmology, and baseball(that's right, baseball) all of which coincide on the number “9” leading to further discussion of the number "4320" and its higher powers; how the upper layers of the Geoid seek equilibrium as Ice Age cycles redistribute weight across the Earth’s surface, and new terms that describe periods/cycles of lesser extremes within the larger glacial/inter-glacial oscillations.

(Note: We tried a new microphone for RC, with unsatisfactory results – please bear with us…)


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