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Chronicles Abroad

Nov 28, 2018

Thank you to our listeners for supporting Chronicles Abroad. We really appreciate you all. We love hearing from you guys––it gives us so much life!

We’re taking a short hiatus as we prepare for season 3. During our time away we’ll still be quite active on social media and in our group so please continue to...

Nov 26, 2018

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how festivals and rituals can help us move forward. Last week was Loy Krathong and The Yi Peng Festival (The Lantern Festival) which is celebrated throughout all of Thailand which Chiang Mai holds the largest release. 

This festival is about letting go of the things that no...

Nov 21, 2018

Isaiah uses travel to transform communities to make the world a better place. He realized how much travel transformed his life so he’s dedicated to changing communities.

He created Venture Road, which provides a low-cost way for people to travel with a purpose by working on community projects that have a positive...

Nov 19, 2018

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how to increase your self-worth and worthiness. Having self-worth means you value yourself as a person. 

When you don’t have self-worth it shows up in your relationships, your health and even your income. She goes into the different ways you can increase your self-worth.

So tune...

Nov 15, 2018

Tekisha shares with us how she quit her job and became her own boss. At first, it seemed like quitting her job was out of reach, and it didn’t seem possible. But after a simple conversation, she realized it actually was possible.

We break down her blog post and found out how she created a plan, executed it and...