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Chronicles Abroad

Feb 27, 2019

Andrew aka Jet Set Drew is aka Mr. Urbn Trvl was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He’s an engineer currently living in Costa Rica.

Drew has lived in The Philippines, Sweden, Iraq, and has traveled to 54 countries thus far.

He is also the founder of Urban Travel, a boutique travel company that curates unique trips...

Feb 25, 2019

Last week Frantzces talked about personal responsibility. We received an email about how could we be responsible for the horrible things in our lives.

Of course, you’re not responsible for the terrible things that happened to you, but ultimately, you are responsible for your own healing. At some point, you have to be...

Feb 20, 2019

Jerry is the host of Point Noir, a show for men of color who traveler. The show not only provides practical travel tips but also insights as to the transformative power of travel from the Black perspective.

The aim of the show is not only to inspire men of color to desire a global experience, but also to equip them to...

Feb 18, 2019

Your life is your responsibility. What remains in it, what you do with it, how you live it and the decisions you make or don’t make is your responsibility.

There might be a time when you turn to a therapist, a coach or anyone to help you in your growth process. But when it comes down to it the owness is on you.


Feb 13, 2019

Gabbok is a single dad who travels regularly with his young daughter. So far, he has traveled to 100 countries and he has lived in five.

He is an entrepreneur who travels the world educating and inspiring people  (especially as a single dad). He loves making people laugh with some of the crazy adventures that he’s...