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Chronicles Abroad

Jun 26, 2019

Nicole is The Blue Backpacker who says trust yourself. She is the Founder/CEO of Capitol Creative, a global firm specializing in the creation of business development seminars that connect inspirational speakers to organizations internationally.

As a teen mother, her life revolved around what she had to do and not what...

Jun 24, 2019

While on a trip to D.C. Frantzces’ things were stolen. Her book bag had everything you can think of such as her mac laptop, her kindle, her phone and a bunch of other items.

After having a mini-meltdown, she was able to see some of the lessons that she was supposed to learn from this incident. It brought her to...

Jun 19, 2019

Wendy and J Freedom are a married couple living in Mexico. Their motto is “be free”.

They left the States because they believe there was a better quality of life elsewhere. They scouted places by visiting and networking with other expats to figure out where they would like to call home.

J Freedom believes that...

Jun 16, 2019

When you move past resentment it’s meant more for you than it is for the other person. Sure pain recycles itself, and the person you resent may also be feeling it.

But ultimately, resentment is poison. It poisons everything around you. You find yourself governing your life from this place of hate and anger.


Jun 12, 2019

C.J. is a serial ebony expat who has lived in Barbados, Colombia, South Africa, Great Britain, and Thailand over the last decade taking him to every continent except snow white Australia and Antarctica. He’s visited over 40 countries and is fluent in Spanish and is learning French and Portuguese.

Rather than joining...