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Chronicles Abroad

Nov 18, 2020

Shanette from The She Voyage shared with us that self-care is the best care. She felt like she wasn’t growing in her home environment. She felt stagnant as if she wasn’t growing. Shanette made herself too accessible to the people at home and felt that she continued to put herself last. She was looking for several opportunities outside of her home state and she found one! 

Shanette spent that time alone discovering herself and being by herself. She most importantly learned to say no. In Asia, she placed herself first and could focus on her mental health. 

“That’s when I began to love myself because I had that alone time,” said Shanette.

Started The She Voyage, as a way to chronicle her voyage of self while also encouraging other women to participate in their own voyages. The voyage of travel, the voyage of relationships, and everything in between. Shanette inspires women to love themselves unapologetically.

In this episode you’ll be inspired by the following:
1. Self-care is the best care.
2. Don’t listen to anybody and make sure you drown out all the noise, follow your intuition, then follow your heart.
3. Be more optimistic about your life and less pessimistic.

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