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Chronicles Abroad

Jul 24, 2019

Tyler & Chantal Patton are growing up without borders with their three daughters Julia, Angelique & Chloe have traveled to 98 countries since 2003.

They have watched their children flourish as international travelers for the last four years. They figured, instead of learning about history in history books their children can physically be there to experience it. They’ve watched their daughters ability to connect easily with people from various cultural backgrounds.

The Patton family has stepped out on faith. They have been homeschooling their children and living a dream lifestyle. Find out what they do for work and what their older daughter Julia thinks about traveling the world.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by the following:

1. There’s never going to be “a right” time. Don’t wait and eliminate the what-ifs.
2. Even if it doesn’t make sense, just take the first step.
3. For some reason things always work out, they just do.

Want to keep up with The Pattons? Check them out on the following media platforms:

Instagram @Growingupwithoutborders

Growing Up Without Borders

So tune in!

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