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Change Lives Make Money: The Podcast For Online Trainers

Apr 18, 2024

If you're a personal trainer who thinks your certifications and degrees alone will get you clients, think again! πŸ€” 

In this episode, I'm breaking down the two essential skills you need to start and scale your online coaching business to $10k/month. πŸ’°

You don't need to be an IFBB pro or have a university degree... and your credentials and client results won't automatically bring in the cash. If you're a new trainer, mastering the two skills I reveal on today's episode will give you a massive advantage over veterans who've been in the game for years!

Top Quotes:

"Personal trainers get sold this lie and so they believe it, right? Honestly, bodybuilders are the f*cking worst." (2:14)

"If you're a personal trainer listening to this right now and you know how to get clients results, drop your ego." (7:25)

"You can be the best trainer in the f*cking world. But if nobody knows about you and nobody's buying from you, nobody cares." (8:40)


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