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Change Lives Make Money: The Podcast For Online Trainers

May 6, 2024

It's event day and I'm feeling ALL the manifestation vibes! 🙌

In this episode, I'm sharing my pre-game thoughts just one hour before the sixth PT Domination All Access event kicks off. With 200 people flying in from all over the world and 4,700 registered for the virtual experience, this is about to be our biggest and most impactful event yet. 🌍

My intention for this weekend is simple: to show my clients what's possible when you go all in. I want them to connect with each other, have breakthrough moments, and walk away with a clear roadmap to hitting their income goals. Whether you're just starting out or already making $50k+ per month, there will be massive value for you. 📈

I'll be breaking down the exact steps to scale to $150k/month (and beyond), so get ready to take notes. And with speakers like Evan Carmichael and Kirsten Titus on the lineup, you know it's going to be 🔥.

So if you're tuning in, I cannot WAIT to serve you. And if you missed out this time, don't worry - the breakthroughs will be mind-blowing. Catch the recap and get yourself to the next one. This is just the beginning! 🚀

Top Quotes:

"Like I f*cking manifested this. Like if you guys saw my house, I literally have photos of me standing in front of an audience of 25,000 people all over my f*cking house." (0:56)

"My entire life's purpose is to show people what happens when you go all in on your dreams and you never f*cking quit." (2:14)

"Once you see something, you can't unsee it... Just like that, it unlocks something in you." (5:36)

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