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Feb 28, 2024

Andrew Case is the Co-founder of NoonBrew, which creates superfood teas for improving sleep and energy. Launched in 2021, NoonBrew has shipped over 100,000 packages of tea to customers in all 50 states. Before his venture into ecommerce, Andrew worked as an account executive selling enterprise SaaS at several product-led companies. A graduate of International Business at Webster University, he leverages his sales background and passion for entrepreneurship to scale NoonBrew, growing the company to seven figures within two years.

In this episode…

Direct-response advertising is all about enticing leads to take a specific action. However, for ecommerce supplement brands, scaling with ads is no easy feat. It takes more than having a quality product and foundational knowledge of creating online ads. What can you learn from a brand that scaled by employing advanced tactics in its direct-response ads?

For ecommerce entrepreneur Andrew Case, winning at direct-response advertising requires a blend of creativity and metrics, where understanding the secrets of top-performing brands and prioritizing data become crucial for success. Andrew’s approach entails studying competitors' and top-performing landing pages to spark inspiration. He emphasizes the value of using data analytics tools to review the revenue amounts of top-performing ads to unravel their successful components. As the narrative unfolds, Andrew shares intricate strategies he employs to generate seven-figure sales. He highlights the power of improving the product Net Promoter Score (NPS) through consistent product improvements and testing different landing page styles to optimize conversion rates.

In this episode of the Minds of Ecommerce podcast, Raphael Paulin-Daigle hosts Andrew Case, the Co-Founder of NoonBrew, as he guides listeners through high-level direct-response ad strategies. He discusses the value of looking to other brands for inspiration, creative hacks for supplement brands, common mistakes to avoid when developing direct-response ads, and other proven conversion techniques that grew his brand to millions of dollars in revenue.