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Living Zen Podcast

Apr 13, 2024

Today’s session is an active Trancework session that I’ve called “Facing the Unknown” that addresses problematic subconscious thought patterns that arise when we face circumstances, situations, environments, people... anything really... where the causes or outcomes or both... are unknown to us.

Often our own minds prevent us from moving forward in our lives by projecting “worst case scenarios” from the shadows of our subconscious into any and every kind of ambiguity that we might face in our life, work, or relationships.

This pattern does tend to preserve the known and familiar status quo, but far more often it obstructs us from moving forward, making needed changes, or taking reasonable risks as we pursue goals, aspirations, and even our deepest souls purpose.

In this session, I’ll be offering your subconscious mind an entirely new way to approach the unknown that will open the doors to possibility and transformation in your life, your work, and your relationships. 

This session, and many others are also available to download, for FREE from the downloads page of my website.

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