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Living Zen Podcast

Apr 9, 2024

This Thought Process Trancework series explores subconscious thought patterns that we’ve all experienced at times.

Generally, these patterns start out as efficiencies created by the subconscious mind to ensure survival, but as our environment and developmental stages change, these patterns often become far more problematic than beneficial, and at times can lead to deep or pervasive cycles of suffering.

Originally, the core of these sessions came out of my exploration into Trancework processes in order to address issues like insomnia, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety and depression – and what I found was that there are a handful of specific thought patterns, almost like subconscious software, that in various combinations, underpin the vast majority of these issues.

As I incorporated them into my practice, I came to see that everyone, including myself struggles with at least some of these patterns from time to time – particularly during periods of increased stress.

I’ve structured the series in paired sessions; first a preface session where I outline the pattern that may be creating challenges, and then an active Trancework session which uses various techniques to shift the subconscious mind into more adaptive approaches.

You’ll be able to tell the difference, because the Trancework sessions have a backing sound track that helps to facilitate access to deeper states of consciousness.

This session, and many others are also available to download, for FREE from the downloads page of my website.

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