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Something About the Beatles

Jan 24, 2021

Big things take much time to execute: both this episode and the long-awaited event I've been teasing for the last few months....

First: the new show. SATB 210 features n guests and no host; instead, it depicts in rigid but scaled down time, the unfolding of their career from the October 5, 1962 issue of "Love Me Do" to the May 1970 issue of "The Long and Winding Road" as a final US single. What lies between is the sounds of their hectic pace, with interviews, shows, projects, radio, film and TV populating their days. There is no greater way to get the context of their hard work and success than experiencing it in context. 
(Want to hear a version, Beatles only? Click here . )

Next: the really big show - welcome to the first Fab4ConJam, coming February 20-21, 2021. It's two days of global community, featuring speakers, panels and music celebrating the world's greatest unifying force. 

Check out the site now for details as they unfold.