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Opening Up: A Conflict Transformation Podcast

Nov 3, 2023

In this episode, dance professor Lida Winfield is interviewed by Middlebury College senior and CT intern Joe Hanlon. They discuss the importance of transformation and growth and the role of the arts in facilitating communication, relationship-building, and social change.

Lida Winfield plays several important roles in the CT Collaborative. She is a facilitator in the Engaged Listening Project, leading professional development in structured dialogue, and also has advanced training in restorative practices. The Dance department, with the support of a faculty research grant from the Collaborative, has hosted a year-long artist in residency program focused on “Movement Matters: Global Body in Conflict.”

Winfield is an innovative and accomplished dancer, choreographer, spoken word artist and educator; who has created original work merging storytelling, dance and visual art. Learn more at

Learn more about the Global Body in Conflict project at our website and in our event listings: