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May 31, 2010

I got together with Kimi Alexandre of the "Tale Chasing" podcast and the Guardians podcast-novel to talk about her new career, as a voice actor and voiceover artist.  I'd come up with a title for a new podcast specific about voice careers and the voice acting industry:  "We Should Talk."  And well, that was pretty much all I had.  So we kind of riffed off each other and explored what we would talk about if we did manage to do "We Should Talk" as a Podcast.

I now have registered, by the way.  Doesn't go anywhere yet.

Honorable Mentions: 

Podiobooks - free podcast books

Project Gutenberg - free digital copies of Public Domain works

For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report PR Podcast

Inside PR Podcast

Tee Morris -- because we don't really have our own Nemesis yet

LibriVox - free audiobooks


Comments to 218-234-CALL,, or here at the website. Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod.


over thirteen years ago

I like this concept for a show. I hope you continue on with it. Both me and Jen are interested to learn more about voiceover and the possibilities of doing it \"from home.\"

over thirteen years ago

Hi Shawn (and Jen)

I had a great time talking about voice over things on the show and I have a feeling there will be many more shows to come. We\'ve gotten the domain name but have to build the site still. If you have any questions you\'d like us to talk about or answer feel free to mention them and we\'ll put them on a list of things to talk about.

I\'ve learned a lot since I\'ve started doing voice jobs professionally so we\'ll have lots to share with you!

Looking forward to doing more shows on \"We Should Talk\". :)