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Apr 6, 2008

Part 1 -- I Smoke Wrong

I've smoked for 24 years, two packs a day, and I'm apparently not addicted to nicotine.  Go figure.

Part 2 -- Wasteland

My review of "Wasteland," the latest book/season in Mur Lafferty's "Heaven"  podcast novel series on  Had to kinda review the whole series to make sense of it, though.

Part 3 -- Drunks & Crazy People

I take a long walk home.  Twice.

From the "It Doesn't Suck" List: Featuring "20 Years" from Shaan Sharma, out of Minneapolis Minnesota.  One of the prettiest Alternative Rock songs I've heard a long time.

Themes are still from Kevin MacLeod.

Grizzly Smith
over sixteen years ago

I appreciate your appreciation. I\'m kind of addicted to audiobooks, now. More and more are getting published as Actual Books. And I haven\'t hit a \"klinker\" yet. I enjoy doing the reviews; gives me something to talk about.

Walking home is okay, probably healthy for me, barring the potential muggings and whatnot. Probably ride my bike home from time to time, when the weather gets better.

over sixteen years ago

I don\'t follow the world of podcast audio books, but I enjoyed hearing your reviews. And be careful on those middle-of-the-night walks home!