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Apr 12, 2008

Part 1 -- So How About That Weather?

Self-explanatory, right?

Part 2 -- Morevi

My utterly unnecessary review of the original "Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana."  They're doing a remastered version now, but I wanted to get the review done, so...

Part 3 -- Under Construction

Tinkering with Changeling Turkey, Facebook, and Twitter.  Too many distractions, but it's kinda fun.

"It Doesn't Suck" list:  A tune from Charlie Ray Glasgow of 10 States, Minnesota called "2nd Hand Heart."

Theme music still from Kevin MacLeod.

over sixteen years ago

Sometimes, distractions are good. And Twitter rules.

Tee Morris
over sixteen years ago

Thank you so much for your solid review of Morevi. Funny you should mention the accents as that is something addressed in the sequel. It was good fun to poke a bit of fun at myself.

Thanks again for listening and for letting people know about MOREVI!

Grizzly Smith
over sixteen years ago

I\'m glad I got it right, though I\'m not the soul of kindness in all regards. I\'m still looking forward to Billibub Baddings as portrayed by the Swedish Chef.... ;-)