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Apr 20, 2008

A little strange, as my shows go.

Part 1 - Interview with Alicia after she won a contest sponsored by "Girls Gone Wild."  Was kind of a surprise to me, too!

Part 2 - The rest of the show, recorded with K.M.A. Karaoke DJ Jon B and the rest of the regulars, after Friday night Karaoke at the Androy.  Includes my first unfavorable Podiobook review, of Tracy Hickman's "The Immortals."  Given the book's been out for ten years, and Tracy Hickman is a bestselling author, I doubt his career will be significantly effected.  ;-)  Included the promo, by the way.

IDSL feature: "2nd Sunday" from Ryan Weddle Protocol.

NEW THEME MUSIC: "140 Times" from Bob Baldwin & Rock On.

over sixteen years ago

I honestly have no idea, he didn\'t get it said before Spring told us to leave. I figured I\'d do what Johnny Carson did -- never have \"off-camera\" discussions, so the audience doesn\'t miss something potentially interesting. I\'ll try to remember to ask next time. Hey, Jon! You wanna jump in here?

over sixteen years ago

Great episode, Grizz. Liked the song at the end. Also, did you get that Girls Gone Wild girl\'s MySpace URL? I think I need to add her to my friends\' list. But, seriously. Good show. Really enjoyed it.

Grizzly Smith
over sixteen years ago

Glad you enjoyed it. I\'d be tempted to change formats permanently, but I like the shows with just me, too. Probably do more of those.

She was pretty cute. Gotta get me one a them little digital cameras. Maybe someone could donate a cheap one for the show? Only got a webcam, a bit difficult to use out on the sidewalk like that. Should have done a picture of the \"Androy Irregulars,\" too, the other night. Maybe next time.

Jon B
over sixteen years ago

Oh my god....This is AWESOME!!!!! Kevin, Ethan, and I are sitting here splitting a gut....We have to do this again....

over sixteen years ago

Glad it was fun! I did edit out a few things -- missed Ethan\'s comment about his sister -- including a few \"ahs, ums, and basicallys,\" but it\'s mostly there.

No reason we couldn\'t try it regularly, after Karaoke the nights I show up. Maybe use one of the tables, so I can use the full-surround, put the box in the middle, so everybody can be heard better.

Make yourself some notes on what you\'d like to talk about. Even sports; I know nothing whatsoever about sports.

Thanks for giving it a chance!

over sixteen years ago

I liked the show, but I was left hanging... what is Jon\'s favorite Stephen King book??