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Apr 27, 2008

The famous J Proctor Knott speech about Duluth, Minnesota, my home town.  I sprained my ankle the other day, hadn't listened to any new audio books, and already had this handy for C.T. under previous plans.  Here's links to the original speech:  from somebody's website, and from the Congressional Globe, the official source from those days.

IDSL Feature: "34 Miles" from Mark Throne and the Fingerprints.  Who is it this guy sounds like?

Theme "140 Times" from Rock On.

Sorry about the pops and what-not.  Lost that little foam rubber thingie goes over my Samson Zoom H2.  Wonder if I can buy another one somewhere?  Might have to make my own.

over sixteen years ago

Duluth!! I listened to this while I was out for a walk yesterday. Interesting stuff.