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Dec 15, 2008

Too bad I'd already done "Gang Aft Agley."

Part 1 -- Best Laid Plans Revisited

Decided I had more to say, and some corrections to my previous review of Terry Fallis' book, "The Best Laid Plans."

Amazon: The Best Laid Plans: A Novel

Part 2 -- Chasing the Bard

My review of Phillipa Ballantine's book, "Chasing the Bard."  Wonder what Pip will think...

Amazon: Chasing the Bard

Part 3 -- A Little Good News

I signed up for this thing, that might get me voiceover work.  And might not.  I might also be in an audioplay, doing some voice acting.  And might not.  Life is so confusing.

And Finally...

IDSL Tune:  "A Statement" from HC Fragile.

Themes: "Hot Swing" and "Continue Life" from Kevin MacLeod.