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Dec 22, 2008

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The long awaited Episode 80.  Cue the fireworks.

Part 1 -- Starting at the Beginning

Incoherent rambling about numbers.  Wind thingies.  Popping sounds.  Stuff about having more stuff.  I like Pie.

Part 2 -- Christmas Gifts

I got a nice compliment from Spider Robinson after commenting on his podcast, "Spider on the Web."  I think.  I don't always understand people, though.

Part 3 -- Young Junius

My review of Seth Harwood's new audiobook, on, and on his own site.  By the way, Seth's first novel "Jack Wakes Up" will be released on Amazon on May 9, 2009.  You can pre-order, if you'd like...

Amazon: Jack Wakes Up: A Novel

Themes: "Hot Swing" and "Continue Life" from Kevin Macleod.

IDSL Tune: "A Tiger Dancing" from Heiruspecs on, and on their new site

Jen from Inside My Head
over fourteen years ago

I love the title of this episode! Makes me giggle.

I think Spider gave you a nice compliment. To me, it sounds sincere. Of course, I don\'t actually know Spider... so I could be wrong about that. But, I think it was a nice compliment.

Grizzly Smith
over fourteen years ago

I\'ve listened to Spider\'s podcasts for quite a while. I thought the subtle suggestion that he, perhaps, listens to mine, quite remarkable. We have similar voices, I like to think.