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Jan 17, 2009

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Part 1 -- Looking to the Future

Becoming a Displaced WorkerBecoming a Media Studies student - almost.  Becoming a Medical Transcription student - almost.  Aspergers, driving, job interviews, conversations & eye contact.

Promo: Jonathan Santlofer's "Anatomy of Fear"

Part 2 -- Critical Mass

Just went over 200 followers on Twitter.  Still no idea why; might be the Promos.  Might be the reviews of Terry Fallis' "The Best Laid Plans."  (Congrats on the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour, by the way.)  Might be mistaken identity.

Promo: Matthew Wayne Selznick's live concert

Part 3 -- Actual Value

Twitjoy and Twitter.  Amazon.  My new Cafe Press store.  The Teddy Bear.  The Pillow.  Sales.  Mom.

Promo:  The "Tick" PSA

And Finally...

  "A Tiny Jaws" from Laredo Parish from Minneapolis Minnesota.

Themes: "Hot Swing" and "Continue Life" from Kevin MacLeod

fifteen and a half years ago

Good luck with the schoolin\' and the job search, Grizz!

Jen from Inside My Head
over fourteen years ago

\"...the magic pill that cures Aspergers...\"
That\'s a heck of a phrase! :D

Grizzly Smith
over fourteen years ago

Well, it would be a heck of a pill.