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Episode 88 -- ILY Et Al

Mar 15, 2009

K7 Comment Line: 206-350-6909

Part 2 of 2.  These were the rest of the projects that came to mind on Saturday.  Includes the International Listening Year, and the various Podiobooks projects I've already mentioned elsewhere.

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod.

IDSL: "Abbie: Movements I & II" from Jason Robert.

almost fifteen years ago

The idea behind the ILY project is interesting, Grizz. Unfortunately, it\'s always difficult to get people involved.

Grizzly Smith
almost fifteen years ago

What, you didn\'t listen to A Handy Guide for Beggars?

\"Moreover, as an act of contrition, reenlistement and fellowship this book is dedicated to all the Children of Don Quixote who see giants where most folks see windmills...\"

Here\'s to tilting at windmills!


David van Sunder
almost fifteen years ago

I really like the idea of interviewing one person a month that wouldn\'t normally be interviewed. I\'ve been thinking about doing this for sometime with my uncles and grandparents, so that I could record my grandparents\' memories of WWII and my uncles\' memories as kids immigrating to the US. I just need to get the time and convince them to sit down with a mic. That\'s the tough part.

Grizzly Smith
almost fifteen years ago

Well, as I said, everything is still there, just lying fallow, if you will. Jump in anywhere. One podcaster other than me in the Ning Group at this point. Oh, and I set up a nifty aggregate feed that draws from your existing feed, so you can simply mark the episode there, and it shows up in the ILY feed.