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Mar 25, 2009

K7 Comment Line: 206-350-6909

Part 1 – Transitions

I'll be introducing a topic at the Minnesota Voices Unconference coming up on April 3rd & 4th at the Inn on Lake Superior in Duluth -- "The Transition from Old Media to New Media."  What do I know about New Media?  Oh, waitaminute...

Part 2 – Why Public Domain?

Something I put together for "PodioRacket," a new podcast has for their new releases.  What do I know about recording Public Domain stuff for Podiobooks?  Oh, waitaminute...

Music: "Creative Commons Anthem," from Rob Balder and

Part 3 – In the B's

Further explanations of the podcasts I included in NaNaPooPoo, including:

Barely Podcasting

Blast from the Past Podcast

Bloodthirsty Vegetarians


Music: "Take My Job Away," from Project Sysiphus and

… And Finally …

Brief rambling about jobs.  Comments about comments.

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod

IDSL: " Abstraction Attraction" from The Quilted Pigeons