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Apr 26, 2009

I get all arrogant and start acting like I know better than most folks.

Part 1 -- Minor International Celebrity

I appeared on two Public Relations podcasts this week: Recorded a Rejoiner for the "Inside PR" podcast, and with a call-in on "For Immediate Release."  Cool, huh?

Promo: "Two Minute Danger Theatre"

Part 2 -- In the D's

Why "Despatches from Agent Orange" is on the NaNaPooPoo list.

From The Funny Music Project:  "Stupid As Charged," by Carrie Dahlby, featuring the inimitable Devo Spice.

Part 3 -- Tag Fail

My take on the past use on Twitter of the #LRNY hashtag promotion by Land Rover, and future use of #SYFY by the SciFi channel -- the latter being my idea.  As far as you know.

And Finally...

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod

IDSL: "Addiction" by Belly Flopp