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May 22, 2008

Amazon: The Biography Of A Grizzly

The beginning of "Biography of a Grizzly," by Ernest Thompson Seton.  An old book, but I thought it appropriate for the first show in the "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" feed.  Why "Hiber-Nation?'  Because I was so proud of thinking of it, of course, even though it doesn't seem to mean anything in particular.

It's actually kind of sad in spots, especially if you like bears.  Think Bambi with 3-inch claws.

Theme: "Continue Life" from Kevin MacLeod.

Comments encouraged.  Any idea how often I should post these?  I've got the first three shows recorded already -- if no one objects, I'm setting them up for every Thursday, at the moment.  I can change that later, if you'd like, though...

Jen from Hyper Nonsense and Inside My Head
fourteen and a half years ago

I decided to see what this story was like from the start.
I love story time! :)

Grizzly Smith
fourteen and a half years ago

One thing I\'ve done with all the books I recorded, was to read them for the first time while I was recording the book. And yeah, starting at the beginning does help. I always did. :)