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Jan 19, 2009

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"Flatland, a Romance of Many Dimensions," by Edwin Abbott Abbott.

HINT:  This is not necessarily about what you think it's about.  When he says "Many Dimensions," he means "Many Dimensions."

A Note to the Listener (from me)

Part 1 -- This World

Section 1 -- Of the Nature of Flatland

Section 2 -- Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland

Show Theme: 
"Canon in D" from Owen Poteat.

Book Theme: "Friendly Day" from Kevin MacLeod.

fifteen and a half years ago

I thought this story was gonna be about Illinois when I saw the title. Maybe it was.

Grizzly Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

You might be right. I once walked with my Mom in the rain to the Highest Point in Minnesota. It was a Hill. It was, to be sure, a very pretty hill, but it was a Hill. Then, of course, there\'s alla them lakes, quite flat unless it\'s a windy day. And in Winter, well, it\'s all pretty much flat, anyway -- unless you\'re running one of the ski resorts around here.

To paraphrase Mephistopheles: \"Why this is Flatland, nor am I out of it.\"