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Apr 27, 2008

The famous J Proctor Knott speech about Duluth, Minnesota, my home town.  I sprained my ankle the other day, hadn't listened to any new audio books, and already had this handy for C.T. under previous plans.  Here's links to the original speech:  from somebody's website, and from the Congressional Globe, the official...

Apr 20, 2008

A little strange, as my shows go.

Part 1 - Interview with Alicia after she won a contest sponsored by "Girls Gone Wild."  Was kind of a surprise to me, too!

Part 2 - The rest of the show, recorded with K.M.A. Karaoke DJ Jon B and the rest of the regulars, after Friday night Karaoke at the Androy.  Includes my first...

So, Where'd the Stories Go?

Apr 14, 2008

I just found out there's a way to have two separate feeds without creating a whole 'nother feed via a separate blog.  Turns out I was already creating a separate feed, I just didn't know it.  It's a Libsyn feature.  Go figure.

So, I changed the Feedburner feed around a bit.  The...

Apr 12, 2008

Part 1 -- So How About That Weather?

Self-explanatory, right?

Part 2 -- Morevi

My utterly unnecessary review of the original "Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana."  They're doing a remastered version now, but I wanted to get the review done, so...

Part 3 -- Under Construction

Tinkering with Changeling...

Apr 6, 2008

Part 1 -- I Smoke Wrong

I've smoked for 24 years, two packs a day, and I'm apparently not addicted to nicotine.  Go figure.

Part 2 -- Wasteland

My review of "Wasteland," the latest book/season in Mur Lafferty's "Heaven"  podcast novel series on  Had to kinda review the whole series to make sense of...