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Feb 3, 2011

Yes, this is my 125 episode, and as of tomorrow it'll be four years since I started.  Yay.  :)


I got a call for a short Temp assignment, which happens to be working for a temp agency that's working for another company that's working for our Public Radio folks.  Only three degrees of separation.  Wow. Sure will be nice to be working again.

Oh, and I found my lanyard for my glasses.  And you should care because....  ?

Started recording from practice scripts I found at the Edge Studios website.  Recorded 35, and put a couple in this podcast.  What do you think?  Talked about doing a demo disk, if I can make up my mind what should be on there.  Eventually I'll get it.

1-800-COLLECT Demo

I've always started with seriously Entry Level jobs, with not much in the way of qualifications.  Broadcasting and voiceover requires coming in the door with talent and skills. Maybe I have them, but I find it hard to ask for that sort of job.  Very new to me.

1-800-OK-CABLE Demo

Four years.  Wow.

New Group Quest Intro & Outro

I could do one for you, too, ya know.  Just sayin'.  Call me.

Did a few other folks, too.  Here are a couple examples:

The Rejoiner I didn't do for "Evo@11."  :)

Rejoiner for Annie and the Awkward Cakeman on B.T.R.

Rejoiner for Boise and Beyond podcast

Piteous whining.

IDSL-ish tune for the day....

A little "Face Funk" called "Snacks" from The Twin Cats' new album, "Thick."

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod

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almost thirteen years ago

Nice job on gettin' a job, Grizz. Even if it is just a temp situation. It's something.