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Jun 18, 2012

Leo LaPorte said on "This Week in Tech" that he abandoned Second Life because "it's all about sex."  Made my jaw drop to the floor.  After I picked it up, this is what I wanted to tell you about Second Life, what it's not "all about," and what it is, at least from my viewpoint. 

Used a tune called "Day Job" from Chris Kirby's album "Vampire Hotel" on the show.  Back when I interviewed him on The IDSL he said I could use his music on my show.  He may even vaguely remember who I am.  I encourage you to buy and check out the rest of the album, too -- I think the title tune from "Vampire Hotel" reminds me of almost all the clubs in Second Life where I've DJed late into the night.  Except of course we take vampires a lot more seriously in Second Life.  ;-)

Oh, it turns out Chris Kirby has a brand new album, "Wonderizer."  I just got my MP3 copy from Amazon (and then Chris wanted to send me one, oh well...) and I look forward to listening to it.  Might be getting a signed CD for a later giveaway, we're talkin'.  ;)

Show Theme "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod of

Crap, quoted Cunning Minx from the Polyamory Weekly podcast, and forgot to provide a link.  Till now.


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