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Feb 25, 2008

I've been hearing from old friends from Blackthorne Repertory Theatre lately, which is pretty cool.  Amazing how this Internet search stuff works.  Didn't know anybody'd even be searching, much less finding such stuff. 

Got my first donation today!  So now the show is officially "Sponsored by Donations from People Like You," just like the big guys.  And, while I'd somewhat lost heart, I'm told my show "has heart," even though I still don't know what the darn thing's about.  Today, it's about 30 minutes...

Did a brief review of "Nina Kimberly the Merciless," by Christiana Ellis.  Kinda funny, but also sad and touching in some ways.  Maybe that's just me?  Recommended.

Featuring "Don't Wake Me Please" by Owen Poteat.  Very pretty.

Theme music from Kevin MacLeod, as per usual.

over sixteen years ago

Yeah, still kinda sad at the end. More balanced with the funny stuff (Francis and that other young lady who showed up at the end -- that was kinda funny), but still kinda sad. OTOH, real life doesn\'t perfectly resolve, either, and you needed something to lead into the other 83 upcoming books in the series. ;-)

Christiana Ellis
over sixteen years ago

Hey there,

Thank you for the review of Nina Kimberly. I\'m glad that you seemed to like it even if you found it sad. I wonder if you felt the same way after finishing the story?