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Jun 23, 2008

NEW AND IMPROVED!  Now includes an audio file with Actual Audio Inside!  (Which the originally posted copy didn't.  Sorry about that, 3 in the morning...)

Part 1 -- Fans and Friends.

Twittering.  A rescue from being stranded, via Twitter & Skype.  Possible interviews.  Probably no more Stickam.

Part 2 -- Back to Work

Going from part time to full time, for a while.  Changing jobs, changing schedules, changing sucks!

Part 3 -- The Arwen

My review of "The Arwen," by Tim Callahan, found on  Ditto for Arwen 2.

Part 4 -- De Gustibus Non Disputantem Est

The new "Hiber-Nation" stories show is going fairly well.  A number of folks listen regularly.  And I'm enjoying doing it.

From the IDSL:  "60 Billion Ways to Die," by One N8tion.

Themes: "140 Times" from Bob Baldwin, and "Continue Life" from Kevin MacLeod.

almost sixteen years ago

I don\'t know if you are aware. I downloaded #64 via iTunes and it was only three seconds in length. I did it again just be be sure and still only three seconds long.

almost sixteen years ago

Thanks for the review David. Glad you liked it. You\\\'re not the first person to bring up the point that Marjorie acted kind of foolishly while entering the system so, maybe I should have thought that out a bit more. Heck, as the writer she could have entered the system with shield fully charged ready for battle and I still would have found a way to bring the shields down so the sabatour could enter the ship. Oh well, something to think about next time I write a scene like that.

The computer part made me chuckle, no, I guess they wouldn\\\'t be using Windows, probably some other OS, one that could stay dormant for a thousand years and boot up without a problem.

-Tim Callahan