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Oct 13, 2008

Now with New and Improved, Shorter intro!  (BTW, you could call this "Infinite Diversity II,"  but I haven't talked to TR lately...)

Part 1 -- The Charles Best email

Discussing the Email I got from the founder of

"I have a big favor to ask: Would you consider encouraging your readers to
vote for us in the AmEx Members Project? ...

I hope you'll check out the video for our Members Project entry, which might inspire extra enthusiasm for your giving page in the Blogger Challenge.  ... Here's the link to vote for our entry, "Help 100,000 Children Thrive in the Classroom."

Part 2 -- Dot Com Entrepreneur Me

I finally own !!

MUSIC: "Shades of Grey" from TR Kelley, off the "Starstruck Enterprise" album.

Part 3 -- "Shawno & Grizzly On The Town"

A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in my pants.  Showbiz is my life, and the show must go on, now mustn't it?

Part 4 -- A little more music

"Unfolding" from TR Kelley & The Raventones, off the "Odd Birds" album.

Part 5 -- Here's another fine project I've gotten you into!

"Mic Check 1,2!  Can you hear me?"  from our Grizzly's Giving Page.

Theme: "Hammock Fight" from Kevin MacLeod.

fifteen and a half years ago

When I came up with the idea of \"Grizz and Shawno on the town,\" I just thought the \"on the town\" part was kinda funny, as we\'re not actually in the same town. Anyway, I\'m open to ideas. However, what you\'ve suggested here seems like it could be difficult to coordinate. I was just thinking of something fun/simple for NaPodPoMo. Regardless, as I said, I\'m open to ideas.

Grizzly Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

Hey, either way. Just a brainstorm.

So, just something we could do daily, sort of a \"NaPodPoMoThon?\" ;-)