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Oct 20, 2008

For an entire show, I refrain from Singing to myself, or to you.

Part 1 - Spite

My first impressions of the second Jonny C mystery from Ronnie Blackwell, entitled "Spite."  I bought and downloaded a PDF copy from, read a bit.  No promo yet: so there's a promo for the first book in the series, "Serve It Cold."  (And there's a fake promo I put together for "Spite," with music "Matt's Blues" from Kevin MacLeod.  Was fun to do, but I gotta get a pop filter...)

Part 2 - Family

Got reconnected with the other branch of the Smith family, the children of my uncle Dale Marlin Smith.  Looking forward to meeting them, someday.

IDSL Tuneage: "A Gain Again," from Bob Baldwin and Rock On.

Part 3 - Grizzly's Giving Page

Another Project I like -- "I Can Do It, I Know I Can!" -- from

Part 4 - The People's Choice

Out of 220 Shows finally nominated for The People's Choice Podcast Awards, We weren't.  Maybe next year.  But there are some I listen to on there, check them out for yourself!

And Finally...

That PSA from Nobilis again.  Just for something to think about.  (You might not approve of his show, for that matter.  But you might.)

Theme: "Hammock Fight" from Kevin MacLeod.

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey, Grizz. my iTunes got all messed up and didn\'t download episode 70. Travesty! But, no worries. I just downloaded it right now.