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Oct 27, 2008

Part 1 -- Simplicity

Explaining how I have simplified the webpage.  Still ugly, though.

Part 2 -- Halloween

"Halloween is Awsome," from Shawno of the HyperNonsense podcasts.  Pretty awsome, I think.

Part 3 -- Grizzly's Giving Page

Another Project from the Giving Page, called "Reading is Essential."

Part 4 -- It Doesn't Suck

IDSL Tune: "A Lease on Life" from Justin Trautwein.  Very pretty.

Part 5 -- Stories

About the "Hiber-Nation" feed, and more on Family, and my dreaming of voice-over work, and so on.

And Finally ...

"You Don't Need an iPod," A Podcasting PSA by Uncle Seth, a band out of Canada.  They asked that I "also please idenfity John C. Havens of the Guide To Podcasting as our co-writer."  Done.

Themes: "Hot Swing" intro and "Hammock Fight" outro from Kevin MacLeod.

Jen from Inside My Head
over fourteen years ago

I missed this episode when it first went up.
Thanks for playing the \"Halloween is Awesome\" song. :D

fifteen and a half years ago

Thanks for playing our song, Grizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grizzly Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

Always glad to help out the burgeoning career of a future musical superstar. Someday, when you\'re off in your big mansion, partying with the rest of the celebrities, don\'t forget us little people, okay?