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IDSL from 07/24/2009 - High-quality version (Comment line 218-234-CALL)

Jul 25, 2009

You can manually grab a copy from, as usual.

On "The IDSL" today:

"Beside Me (demo)" from Are We There YET?

"Best Of Me" from Troop Of Echoes

"Best Shot" from Dred I Dread

"Better Days" from Just Add Water

"Beyond The Mind" from Negative Nothing

Thanks for listening!

Theme: "140 Times" from RockOn

Grizzly Smith
almost fifteen years ago

I had to go back and listen to the show again, so I knew what you were referring to. That\'s okay, neat tune.

almost fifteen years ago

\"They keep bumping into each other, then.\" LOLZ.