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IDSL from 07/28/2009 - High-quality version (Comment line 218-234-CALL)

Jul 29, 2009

If you like you can grab a copy from, too.

On "The IDSL" today:

"Biota (studio pre-release)" from Simplicia

"Bird In the Sunshine" from Nellie and the Drummers

"Birds and Bees" from Northline

"Bitch" from Curbfeelers

"Bitch" from Live Native

Thanks for listening!

Theme: "140 Times" from RockOn

almost fifteen years ago

The vocals on that Nellie and the Drummers song sound synthesized to me. Song is still cool, though.

Grizzly Smith
almost fifteen years ago

Yeah, I think that was the idea -- the info on Garageband said the whole thing was done on a PC including the vocals. I thought maybe the original vocals had been manipulated rather than generated, though.