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Where's them Podcasts?

Jan 22, 2009

I recently migrated all my Feedburner feeds over to the systems at Google.  In the process, some of the feeds got broken, in particular if you subscribed via, rather than  Just found out it was broken today, and that appears to be fixed now.   Tell me if there are problems.

In the process of poking around on Libsyn while researching that, I found out Libsyn had "misplaced" maybe 10 podcast files of the November episodes of Stories from the Hiber-Nation.  I re-uploaded copies from my archives, and hopefully those are all back working again.  Again, please, please tell me if you have problems.

In other news: The nice folks at the ET Seton Institute got a flash player installed in the Audio Books section on their site, playing my recordings of those two Seton books I'd recorded earlier.  Cool, huh?  They also requested one story in particular from yet another Seton book, "Lobo, the King of the Currumpaw," from "Wild Animals I Have Known."  PBS recently did an episode of "Nature" about that particular story, and the Institute had been getting a surge in traffic due to interest in that show.

I'd already recorded and posted the first part of "Flatland," no help for that.  After much uncertainty, I decided to make Hiber-Nation 48 the first part of "Wild Animals," including "Lobo."  What will happen with 49 and so on?

I can't decide what's the right thing to do about all this.  Opinions would be greatly appreciated -- put "Flatland" on hold and finish "Wild," put "Wild" on hold and finish "Flatland," or alternate between the two?  Flatland is gonna be maybe 23 shows, if I keep episodes short.  Wild would be better, I think, with each of the 8 stories complete in an episode, with one down already.  So I'm leaning toward doing "Wild" first.  But I still don't know.

Hope there hasn't been too much confusion for everybody.  We'll return to our Regularly Scheduled Programming, already in progress, some time soon now.

Thank you for your patience.