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Junaid Akram's Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

0:00 - Intro 

6:17 - Gem Of A Person But Alcoholic (Personal Choice)

22:58 - Advice 25:23 - Early Retirement Before 40

40:36 - Exploring Sucess and Security And Future Plans In Pakistan


Oct 17, 2023

Behind the glamorous facade of Celebrities, Influencers, Brands, Advertisements, and the curated images in front of the lens, there is one unifying force that shapes perception and narrative – the power of PR. So today, to dive deeper into the intriguing world of PR, we have Hasan Rizvi, the visionary CEO of Bodybeat...

Oct 6, 2023

Familiar with Naunehal, Rooh Afza, and Hamdard? Today, we're in conversation with Ms. Sadia Rashid, President of Hamdard Group Pakistan, and Dr. Arshad Saleem, COO of Hamdard Pakistan to shed light over the evolution of "Aafiyat" and "Hikmat" in the subcontinent. Mainly in this podcast, we discuss the origins of Hamdard...

Oct 2, 2023

Today, we have the living music legend Faisal Kapadia, the iconic voice of Strings, for a nostalgic journey through his career. From chart-toppers like "Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar" to surprising Bollywood collaborations with Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham, Kapadia's story is a symphony of highs and lows. But that's not it, as we...

Oct 1, 2023

00:00 - Intro 03:53 - Seeking Advice and Support Desire For Companionship

10:42 - Finding Work in Canada

24:09 - Should I marry A Person Who Smokes

31:22 - A Doctor Addicted To Drugs

Patreon: Question

39:26 - Close Freinds Relationships Stories & Mutual Respects..!!

56:23 - Relationship In the Middle East With An Indian...