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Bringing The Kingdom of God through an Automotive Platform

Oct 31, 2020

Robby shares insights from God's call on Mankind from Genesis 1:28

Be Fruitful – let me just pause there, if you have wondered all your life what it is you are supposed to do? The answer could not be more simple, YET – I had been missing the main ingredient in fruit, to be found in the beauty of the Hebrew Language the decoder ring of God’s Kingdom. Look above and you see the call (Lilly Tomlin) believe me the phone is ringing and the amazing fruit available in the promise land above those is the word fruit in Hebrew, Peh-Resh-Hey. That letter PEH is God’s presence, plain and simple, Apart from me you can do nothing. It takes two to tango, make babies and most of all to bear fruit. We have all herd abundant fruit comes from an abundant root. No Jesus, no Love or Joy peace, patience, kindness, no goodness or faithfulness, no gentleness and by no means though it seems crazy, no self control by yourself.