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Vantage Influencers Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Vivek Anand is a Performance Consultant | Chief Trainer at Skillhub Learning.  He helps build strong performing Teams through the following types of training: Hiring Strategies, Competency Mapping, Behavioral Analysis, Structured Interviews, Learning & Development, Performance Management

He believes that HR is one of the most important contributors for any Business and he is very passionate about bringing a more human element in HR. Prior to Skillhub Learning, he was engaged with top organizations like Tata Infotech, Edutech Consulting, and Sucseed Learning

In this podcast, Vivek Anand, an HR and Behavioral Skill Specialist talk about the importance of highlighting behavioral skills in the workplace. According to Vivek, organizations should hire and treat employees as humans and develop their human potentials. HRs should try not to transform a human into machines. Involving employees in decision making can make your business stronger and boost their morale, improving behavior. He suggests HRs not to interrogate, but explore the best behaviors that suit their organization.

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