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Vantage Influencers Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

Padmajaa Iyer is a Conscious Living Coach and the Head of Wellness at Mu Sigma Business Solutions, one of India's first home-grown Unicorns. She has over two decades of experience in her practice and has trained extensively under the tutelage of some of the luminaries in the field of Conscious Living.She is the founding member of the Wellness Program at Mu Sigma.


Saurabh Madan is a Computer Engineer by training and worked in the industry for 14 years for companies including Microsoft Corporation and In 2015, he transitioned into teaching courses on ethical goal setting and mindfulness. Since 2019, he has been as an Apprentice Leader on the Wellness Team at Mu-Sigma Inc and teaches courses on Mindfulness and leadership development.



In this episode, Padmajaa and Saurabh talk about "Importance Of Mental Health In The Workplace".



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