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Vantage Influencers Podcast

Oct 3, 2020

Having managed global talent acquisition portfolios with some of the country's leading brands for 18 long years, Vikas Dua is currently the Chief HR Mentor at Attayn, a groundbreaking HR tech firm that works to improve and democratize knowledge sharing in the academic room. He is also TEDx Speaker.  a Vlogger (and blogger) under his under self-designed ‘HR in my HeaRt' umbrella or speaking at a Campus or Industry forum. Vikas is an advisor with the BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well.

In this podcast, Vikas Dua talks about the rise of virtual hiring amidst Covid-19. According to Vikas, in recent years, hiring is gradually getting digital. It is free from time and place constraints, ending up in multiple advantages in multiple dimensions, making the recruitment cycle easier. In a virtual environment, it takes a little extra effort from the HR managers to make sure the candidates get the 'wow' feeling. Vikas also suggests some remote recruitment practices for HRs and candidates to make a successful virtual hiring session. Now is the time for HR teams to be savvy in using digital services such as HR virtual assistants, chatbots, social media, and target emails.

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