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Vantage Influencers Podcast

Feb 24, 2023

Imagine you've worked with a company for a few years, and you love the culture, your coworkers, and the work you do. But lately, you've wanted to try something new and accept a new task or responsibility. This is where internal mobility comes into play.

To have deeper insights into internal mobility, its potential, and...

Feb 15, 2023

Workplace stereotypes can be identified by paying attention to patterns of behavior or attitudes that are based on assumptions or generalizations about a particular group of people. These assumptions may relate to gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or other factors.

In this episode, our speaker...

Feb 7, 2023

Large-scale layoffs are being discussed in the headlines, with organizations suspending recruitment attempts or reducing employees through mass layoffs. As employees grow more apprehensive about the stability of their positions, and about what’s coming up in the near future,  this only serves to increase their...