Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                                 Copperplate Podcast 274
                               presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         September 2022

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father.   All Things Considered
2. Hendry/Mulholland/McSherry: 
Fox in the Town/In The Tap Room/The Belfast Traveller.
               Tuned Up
3. Angelina Carberry & Dan Bruder:
The Rolling Hills of Glam/The River Meadow Reel.                      
              Back in Time
4. Marcas O’Murchu & Oisin MacDiarmada:
 Boy in the Gap/The Boy in the Boat/Boy on the Hilltop.   Turas Ceoil
5. Planxty: The Good Ship Kangaroo. Masters of Their Craft
6. Paddy Glackin: 
Seán ÓDuibhir an Ghleanna.  Ceol ar an bhFidil
7. Brian Hughes & Dave Sheridan:
   An Buachaill Dreoite/The Maid in the Meadow/The Wheels of the World.     However Long The Day
8. Noel Hill:   Banish Misfortune.  Live in New York
9. Mary McPartlan:   Kiss the Moon.    Petticoat Loose
10. Goitse: Trip to Mauna Kea.   Rosc
11. Leonard Barry: 
Gerry Commane’s/The Pride of Cloonsha/The Maid in the Meadow.        New Road
12. Kevin Keegan:  The Rambles of Kitty/The Pipe on the Hob.
The Music of Kevin Keegan
13. Ben Lennon & Brian Rooney: 
     Lord  McDonald’s/Balinasloe Fair. Within A Mile of Kilty 2.

14. Colum Sands:   Fresh Bread.    Look Where I’ve Ended Up Now
15. Shaskeen: The Old Pidgeon on the Gate/Immelda Rolaand’s/The Boy in the Gap.   Walking Up Town

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