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Pound This

Dec 28, 2021

Time for an end of year update on what's going on with me - from quarantine! 

Join me on the Wisdom app 1/1/22 at 3p ET to discuss resolutions and healthy habits in the new year!


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Dec 22, 2021

In case you missed this episode from 2018 - Dr. Joel Forman, a cardiologist at Christ Hospital that focuses on preventative care, joins me to discuss the keto diet for weight loss. What is the ketogenic diet? Is it healthy? What are the long term effects? Are just a few of the questions we discussed. You can find Dr....

Dec 20, 2021

Nic is an amazing personal trainer, co-worker and mentor to me at Cincy 360 Fitness. In this episode we discuss the power of affirmations and positive self talk in our personal journeys and with our clients. 

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Dec 15, 2021

Cincy 360 Fitness owner and personal trainer Josh Garrett joins me to chat about some of our vulnerabilities in our health/fitness journey. 


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Dec 13, 2021

In this episode Amy Chavez and I discuss the definition of trauma, how we store it in our body, the role of the central nervous system and the ways we can begin to heal. 

A little about Amy from her website  

"My professional practice has been an ever-evolving offering of bodywork, yoga,...