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Visual Thinking

Jun 24, 2020

Mathias Weitbrecht
Mathias Weitbrecht is a European pioneer in the field of visual facilitation.
Since 2005 he has developed products, business models, and teams - always aligned with a strong purpose-driven approach. He is founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH with a team of 35 visual strategists, graphic recorders and facilitators, as well as the author of the book “Co-Create! Das Visualisierungs-Buch” (Wiley Publ).
As a lover of aesthetics and visual inspiration, his creativity is nourished by an awareness of and connectedness with the inner and outer worlds. While being a skilled and experienced visual facilitator in large scale and SME businesses his full creative power flows when including all of the interiors, energies, and transformative powers that life offers. Here his ability to oversee massive amounts of information as well as small details and inherent patterns is a gift to the world. 

The above abilities and his deep curiosity are appreciated by Mathias’ team and project partners as valuable add-ons to existing business models, consulting, coaching, and transformation processes. Additionally, he brings in a truly global mind, both internally as well as (having traveled to more than 80 countries) externally and he is blessed with the audacity that little can change a lot. He loves to support people, especially the young generation.

Mathias has an entrepreneurial mind that enabled him to build an amazing brand called Visual Facilitators. In this field, he has graphically supported world-class meetings, events, and talks. The art of doing this is not only that there are aesthetics in each image, but that it represents the complexity in its connectedness of related topics, problems, and solutions. 





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