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Visual Thinking

Jan 6, 2021

Jens Nordmann


Jens is a Graphic Recorder and Artist living in Berlin.

Besides this, he is doing Illustration, animation, and giving workshops on visualization for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Besides that, he was working with painting, sculpture, sound, dance, and performance.

He loves any kind of improvisation and chance operations.

Despite his nonexisting Latin skills he still believes that:

Nihil est in intellectu quod non sit prius in sensu

(translates as "Nothing is in the intellect that was not first in the senses").


He’s a sucker for metaphors and thinks they are multivitamin shots of information for the brain. They are shortcuts that help see things with humor and from an unexpected perspective. Our friendly bugs in the system.


Jens is convinced that visualization is way more than icon juggling. It brings up powerful images that can help shape our mindset and change our behavior in any kind.

Jens is super excited about any technique to invite our brain to change and to emerge new things.

Therefore he is very interested in projects with a systemic background, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, constellation work, psychodrama... an endless list.


If you want to find out more about his work check his work on:

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