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Visual Thinking

Mar 6, 2021

Themed Episode  - Whiteboards


In this episode, we talk with Bandar Suleiman about his visual thinking journey, why he is so fascinated by whiteboards, what awaits on whiteboards in the future and what are Bandar's most favorite tips and tricks working with this medium. We also talk about Bandar's upcoming online course on working with whiteboards and his approach to building up one's visual thinking prowess.



Bandar Suleiman


Bandar Suleiman is the first who introduced sketchnotes in the Arab regions. A graduate of the Arab Open University (Business Administration), he holds several accredited certificates in training and human resource development. Bandar gives live & online courses and speaks in creative gatherings.

Currently, Bandar is working on an online course on visual thinking with whiteboards that will be released in Arabic and then afterward in English too.


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